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How can we help? Well, as a financial coach we help you discover, qualify, quantify, prioritize financial matters.  This can be anything from learning to manage your managers and direct your financial life to aligning your finances or  determining your financial goals and priorities.  A coach assists you in analyzing your current situation and provides feedback and knowledge on steps including tips for choosing a first rate financial team.  Our priority is to assist you in aligning with your personal integrity system and financial goals, to empower you to take the action steps right for you.

Conflict Coaching

We guide you through navigating the terrain of conflict. Conflict may be pre or post litigation. It is different for every individual, as is the situation producing the conflict.  We leverage prior experience as an expert witness, forensic accountant, financial mediator and years of conflict training to assist you in walking this most difficult and challenging path. 

Financial Neutral

A financial neutrals role is to remain impartial while assisting parties in conflict with understanding of their finances and implications of the proposed actions or concepts, and where appropriate aid in reaching settlement.

Business Valuation

Business valuation is a complex process with many variables, such as the type of interest being valued, whom the valuation is for, you personally, a court of law, etc.  Factors like these determine the standard of value to be used, the type of report issued, the approach to be used (there is more than one), and potentially the premise.  This is a complex process with numerable variables. It is necessary to have a brief conversation on the purpose of the valuation to determine potential costs, and whether we are the right fit.

Exit Consulting

Exit consulting is about developing a planned approach to transition of ownership.  This may be a company you have built from the ground up or one you inherited. The key element is that there is a vision for the  future for the company without you at its helm.  We plan for that developing options and opportunities, creating the readiness for change.

Financial & Tax Planning

We analyze the facts and circumstances to provide options and solutions.  We run projections of possibilities.  We work on a specific piece or pieces of your financial and tax life. Financial and Tax Planning are more analytic oriented than coaching.  We are doing calculations. No Investment Advice is provided. 

Resources & Calculators

Financial Management Resources 

Rule of 72 Calculator

The rule of 72 is a quick approximation of what it will take for an investment to double at a given annual rate of return.                     What is the Rule of 72?


Monthly Payment Calculator

This simple calculator will approximate your monthly payment if you know the other variables, interest rate, loan amount, and duration.

Financial Definitions

Knowing financial terminology improves  your understanding and reduces the risk of important concepts being lost in translation.  Here is one list.

Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator

These calculators compare the returns of  taxable and tax exempt investments; and provide the equivalent of each. 

Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg

Discover how the language you use can strengthen your relationships, build trust, prevent conflicts and heal pain.

Money, A Memoir

Money, A memoir: Women, Emotions and Cash by Liz Perle

Ms. Perle takes us on her money ride, while  providing the insights of psychologists, researchers, and more than two hundred ordinary women.  A classic. 

Get It Together

by Melanie Cullen

Organize your records: Tracking estate planning documents, etc.

360 degrees of Financial Literacy by AICPA

360 degrees is a nonprofit financial literacy program sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs.  There are numerous topics of discussion and a full page of calculators. 

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